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8 Top Reasons for a Boatin' Baby Shower Venue

The most unique Baby Shower Venue is when you're Boatin'.

Choosing your Baby Shower Venue or Gender revealing Party

Looking for something different and unique that stands out for your baby shower venue or a gender revealing party? Are you looking for some other options than a private room in a restaurant? Maybe your mom’s living room or your best friend's backyard? These are all nice friendly options but most importantly you want something that is fun for you, your family and friends. In other words, it is so special it sets you apart from all your friends' baby showers. One that is creating the best of memories for everyone included in this wonderful celebration. In other words, let's take a ride on the all-inclusive food charter boat. This could be in order for you.

Baby Shower Venue Pontoon

Selecting a private pontoon rental with a Captain could be the answer for a super fun filled water adventure. The pontoon is a stable, spacious vessel with a marine bathroom on board. The Captain would call it the “head”. A private food boat pontoon charter celebrating the new addition to the family is an exciting time. You could have a baby shower venue Boatin’ Brunch cruising around on the “Harris Chain of Lakes”. Not to mention a fully covered, supersized pontoon boat enjoying the delicious boat friendly finger foods provided. You and your guests are taking in the breathtaking scenery, while listening to your favorite playlist. It is a relaxing time and gives you lots of time to mingle and interact with your family and friends. You and your family and friends are simply enjoying this beautiful water adventure. You're outdoors, the boat is fully covered. When the air conditioner needs to be turned up we just ask the Captain to go a little faster to create a nice breeze on the boat. A light rain pops up as it could in Florida. We just drop the clear windows and are protected. Your baby shower venue will be a big hit with all the guests invited.

Mother Nature at Its Best

Everyone plans on playing some kind of games at the baby shower. With this in mind you could have a uniquely baby shower game. An incredible version of “I spy” on the water. Nature is abundant cruising on the waters in Central Florida. There are many things you could possibly see. The bird life is amazing. You could “spy” the Anhinga which is also known as the water turkey. They spread out their wings to dry on the tree branches after diving for fish. Then there's the Cormorant, which everyone confuses with the Anhinga. The Cormorant sticks its long neck out of the water as it dives back under looking for a fish to catch. The Great Blue Heron is another extraordinary species. It is a large long-legged wading bird with a long slender neck. It is the largest of its species, with its shades of blue and grey colors. There are over 60 different species of Blue Herons to be found. You usually “spy” the Blue Heron standing on the lily pads looking for their next meal. You also have the Egret, a beautiful, slender, large, white bird. It can be spotted on the shore line or nestled up in the trees while enjoying your all-inclusive boat ride as your baby shower venue.

The American Bald Eagle

If you're lucky you may “spy” the Great American Bald eagle. A bird of prey found in Florida soaring around in the sky. It could be searching for its dinner from the treetops. The Bald eagle has been the National Emblem of the United States since 1782 and there are many in the area. The Bald eagle has a wing spread of 5 - 7.5 feet, with nests on many of the lakes in the region.

Similarly to the Bald Eagle we have the Osprey. The Osprey has the white head like the eagle but has a white chest. The eagle has a completely black chest. The Ospreys habitat or nesting area is usually by the water as its primary diet consists of fish. An Osprey always carries its catch with the head facing forward as it is flying. They love seeing our all-inclusive boat ride as your baby shower venue float by. This lets it balance out the aerodynamics when in flight. It is often referred to as the river hawk or sea hawk.

Not to mention spying the water-loving otters swimming playfully in the waters. The otters are found throughout Florida’s lakes and rivers. The exception is they are not found in the Keys.

In addition to the otters you have to have a very good eye to “spy” the alligators gliding in the rivers or lakes. Not to mention they could be laying on the lily pads basking in the sun. Everyone wants to see an alligator when taking a ride on the pontoon. So you need to keep a sharp eye open on the water.

Also you can “spy” the common Moorhens or swamp chickens as they are sometimes called. Moorhens have bright orange beaks swimming around in the lily pads. Also you could see a turtle sitting like a bump on a log, on a log.

Florida Locks

A very rare sighting would be a manatee. They come through the Burrell Lock & Dam on Haines Creek, the Lock that joins Lake Eustis to Lake Griffin. The manatees travel down the rivers through the lock sometimes and their biggest danger is the boaters. They travel even further south in the winter for the warmer weather. They are vegetarians eating their greens and love to drink fresh water.

The Burrell Lock and Dam helps boaters enter or leave Lake Griffin with the connection to Lake Eustis. You enter into the Lock and depending on which way you are traveling the water is raised or lowered. For instance it brings the water to the level of the Lake you are entering. Going from Lake Eustis to Lake Griffin there is a 3 foot difference in the water and when coming out of the lock you are now level with the water.

Spectacular Sunset Baby Shower Venue

The sunset all- inclusive food boat charter is a popular cruise on the “Harris Chain of Lakes”. With this in mind you may prefer your baby shower venue to be planned to include an incredible sunset cruise. Ending it with the evening sky filled with amazing colors dancing across the sky changing by the minute. Most importantly who would pass up a beautiful sunset cruise if they were invited to participate in the celebration. This is a spectacular view while sitting on the pontoon taking in the slow twilight that is starting to take place in the sky. Not to mention the peace of mind it gives each of your guests and an everlasting memory for your family and friends. When heading back to the dock down the Dead River you will see all kinds of different birds. Most are securing their place in the trees for the night or trying to capture their last meal of the day.

You are in safe hands on the pontoon boat rental with a captain on this Coast Guard certified vessel. The Captain is licensed and experienced to ensure you have a fun, friendly memory building baby shower venue. The Captain is a book of knowledge on the water from history to all the fun nautical terms used throughout history.

Everyone will Enjoy the Fresh Breeze

The “Harris Chain of Lakes” consists of 8 primary connecting lakes which include Apopka, Harris, Griffin, Eustis, Dora, Beauclair, Carlton and Yale. It is possible with the right vessel you could travel by water all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. Ships used to bring supplies down the St. Johns River and to the area in the early development of the surrounding towns. With this in mind think of all the fantastic memories you will be creating with your special baby shower venue. All you have to do is bring your family and friends along with a big smile. The all-inclusive food boat charter, be it brunch, lunch or evening time can be handled by the crew. It is a private charter so you pick the time of departure. With this in mind the food, the beverages, playlist ready music, not to mention helping with the decorating can all be completed by the food boat charter. Moreover, it makes sure you have a fun filled relaxing baby shower venue.

Any day on the water is a good day. Everyone is happy, they wave at each other. Your blood pressure lowers and your heart beats just a little slower. In addition to all of this you are at peace of mind and let everything go but your family and friends. Most importantly this is why you have come together. It’s all about family, friends, food and fun on the pontoon.

So get excited about a baby shower venue all-inclusive food boat charter. Feel free to

contact us to help you plan the most unique, and memorable baby shower venue ever!

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