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15 Top Reasons to Consider an Employee appreciate day on the boat

Employee Appreciation Day Event On the pontoon!

Employee Appreciate Party

Are you a boss? Do you own a business with employees? Do you have an HR department? Are you a small family owned business? Are you a large corporation? Do you have a group of wonderful deserving employees you want to have an employee appreciation day? Equally important, you want to reward your employees for how much you think of them? With this in mind it does not matter if you are a small company or a large corporation. You can take a ride...on the private pontoon charter with food. In addition to this you can bring 6 - 16 employees. There is also a marine bathroom on board and your own playlist for the music.

In other words you are looking for a fun, unique, special idea to share an employee appreciation day. Let them know how much you care and how special they are to you. In addition you want them to feel extra special and know you care about them and all they do.

Take a ride...Employee Appreciation Day Time

Let’s take a ride on a private food boat charter with a Captain & Chef. It’s all about family, friends, food and fun. You think of your employees just like they were family and this is a great way to mingle. Besides, you get to know each other in a friendly, fun environment. Why not celebrate your employee appreciation day with an all-inclusive food charter boat adventure on the water. Let the Captain & Chef handle all the details. In other words all you need to bring with you is a SMILE and your awesome employees.

Food and Drinks served to show employee appreciation

Employee Appreciation Day Fun Cruises

Take a Boatin’ Brunch all-inclusive boat charter and sit back and relax. It’s a proven fact that people on the water are a happy, friendly bunch of people. They are always waving as everyone goes by. Not to mention your blood pressure goes down, your heart beat slows down a little. Furthermore you are just in a peaceful, happy place. Aquatic therapy is good for the heart and soul of your employees. What better way to celebrate employee appreciation day. In addition this spacious private pontoon rental can plug into your favorite playlist of music. There’s room for a dance floor. Dancing ends up being part of the adventure and fun!

The private food boat rental is fully covered so you're not basking in the sun. If we need a little more breeze we just ask the Captain to drive a little faster. In addition if a small rain comes along we drop the clear windows and everyone stays dry. Equally important, think about how appreciated your employees will feel on employee appreciation day. Especially knowing you found this unique adventure on the water for them.

Sunset on an Employee Appreciation Day

A Refreshing and Unique Way to Celebrate

Need an early morning cruise? The mornings are beautiful, peaceful and not a lot of boat traffic out. Don’t need the full Boatin’ Brunch menu, a menu can be customized to your employee appreciation day needs. You may spot the early morning fishermen on the waters. The “Chain of Lakes” are known for their Bass Tournaments and fishermen come from all over to participate. Moreover, the mornings are a great time to have an all-inclusive food charter boat. Start your day out right on a private pontoon rental cruise.

Customize your Employee Appreciate Day Cruise

Similarly to the Boatin’ Brunch you could share your employee appreciation day all-inclusive food charter boat with a Sunset Cruise . Sunset time is also a great time to be on the water anticipating the colors painting the sky so beautifully. You can see the sunset on many of the surrounding lakes in the area. You and your employees are cruising around enjoying the prepared boat friendly finger foods and beverages. Not to mention ending the employee appreciation day taking in all the colors of the sky dancing around. The sky is changing every minute as you watch the sun go down.

Lots of Amenities

In addition your on the peaceful, mesmerizing pontoon charter boat with a Captain & Chef. With this in mind think of all the wonderful memories you have just created with all your family, friends and employees. Equally important, it's all about family, friends, food and fun. As you're heading back to the dock, twilight is setting in and the sky is still radiant with colors. The birds are out on the lily pads looking for their last meal of the day. They are trying to secure a branch for the night in many of the Cypress trees along the way. The tree tops are home to all the many beautiful birds living on the “Chain of Lakes”. The Dead River is the connection between Lake Eustis and Lake Harris. It is filled with so many of the awesome creatures and animals in the area. If you listen you can hear the noises of the night calling out to each other. Not to mention what a great finish this is for an employee appreciation day with an all-inclusive food charter boat.

Enjoy some Site Seeing Too

Cruising around on the “Chain of Lakes” has so much nature to see. You can find them on the beautiful shoreline landscaping the waters or you see them swimming around in the waters. You will see Cypress trees that are over 100 years old, the knees and knobs take care of each other. Cruising Haines Creek you will pass by trees that the locals have been covering with small bird houses. You may see the Great American Bald Eagle soar overhead. It could be perched on the tree top looking for its next meal. They are an opportunistic feeder with their food being mainly fish. They make their large nest by the water so they can swoop down and grab their prey. There are many eagles nesting in the area.

Employee Appreciation Day site seeing

See Osprey

Don’t get them confused with the popular Osprey with the white chest. Whereas the American Bald eagle has an all black chest. The Ospreys always catch their fish so when they fly it is facing forward. They have a tendency to drop their meal if the fish is not facing forward. The Osprey needs to have their aerodynamics in place in order to carry the fish to their nest. You may even spot a nest with newborn babies if it's the right time of the year while enjoying the employee appreciation day.

Look at Egrets

Then there are the beautiful, graceful, large slender Egrets. Egrets are a white in color and elegant looking. They are usually spotted along the shoreline or standing on the lily pads trying to catch a fish.

Wonder at Great Blue Herons

The Great Blue Heron is a familiar face on the waters. It's a long-legged wading bird with blue and grey colors. There are over 60 species of herons and the Great Blue Heron is the largest of the species.

Ahh at the Anhinga

In addition to your memorable employee appreciation day you can always see the Anhinga on a tree branch spreading their wings out to dry. The Anhinga is black in color with white on its wings and sometimes called the “snakebird”. The Cormorant which everyone mistakes for the Anhinga also swims in the water. It pops its long slender neck up and then dives back under looking for its prey.

Wow at the Gators

It is sometimes hard to see the alligators gliding across the canals, lakes or on the Dead River. If you really watch they may be found laying on the lily pads catching the warmth of the sun.

alligator while cruising

Aww at the Otters

Not to mention the water-loving playful otters you see darting around in the water. With this in mind you can still find turtles, Common Moorhens with the orange beaks. The lily pads flower May through September and the lily flower comes in a variety of species and colors.

Fascinate at the Manatees

Also it is a rare sighting if you see a manatee in the “Harris Chain of Lakes” while cruising on the employee appreciation day . They are being sighted more and more. Manatees are vegetarians and eat the algae on the bottom of the lakes. They really enjoy a whole head of fresh lettuce and fresh water to drink.

Enjoy a Sunset Employee Appreciation Day

Plenty of Employee Appreciate Day Cruising

Your employee appreciation day cruise will be filled with relaxing ride on the “Chain of Lakes” in Central Florida. There are 8 connecting lakes: Harris, Apopka, Eustis, Dora, Beauclair, Carlton, Yale and Griffin. Lake Griffin is known to have the largest alligator population of the lakes. You also can take Lake Griffin to the St Johns river. If no trees have fallen down you could travel all the way to the Atlantic Ocean ending up by St Augustine.

Not to mention the Burrell Lock & Dam which connects Lake Eustis to Lake Griffin. The locks help boaters to navigate from one lake to the other. You enter your boat into the lock and depending which lake you're traveling to the lock raises or lowers the water levels to the lake you are going to. There is a 3 foot water level difference to Lake Eustis and Lake Griffin, so as the lock opens your boat is at the correct water level of the lake.

If you are considering doing something unique with your employees, check out this employee appreciate day cruise on the All Inclusive Private Charter, for something unforgettable.

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